Final Thoughts on Labeling

14UncleNickOkay, this is my last bit on the subject of labeling people and defining what is normal. The point is, variety is good. Wherever you, me, and anyone else is on whatever spectrum you want to define, we all add an important piece to the puzzle of life.

The following list is possibly already known to you but I would suggest that you remember the examples below and if you know of anyone, including yourself, that fits the current labels for personality types or learning disabilities, be reminded that many of the greatest minds and contributors to the world would probably fit these same labels were they alive today.

Nikola Tesla – Genius and inventor in the field of electricity. Tesla was noted, not only for his attention to detail and intuitive method of invention, but also for his struggle with social skills and odd habits. It is quite likely he would be diagnosed with OCD and or Aspergers were he alive today.

Alexander Graham Bell – The inventor of the telephone had difficulty in school and some believe he probably had dyslexia.

Winston Churchill – The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom saw his people through what was probably their most challenging time as a nation. He is known as a great orator whose speeches raised moral during the darkest hours of World War Two. As a youth, he hated school and had struggled with a stuttering problem.

Walt Disney – The famous animator and film producer was a slow learner as a child and possibly suffered from dyslexia.

Thomas Edison – This inventor, known for his many great innovations that include the light bulb, struggled with words as a child and stopped attending public school at a young age due to his difficulties. It is possible he would now be diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD.

Albert Einstein – The genius, recognized for his theories in physics, struggled in school and exhibited non-typical behavior. It is possible that he would now be diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.

Jules Verne – The author of such great works as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea performed poorly in school and complained of inability to focus. Today he would likely be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

Leonardo da Vinci – His inordinate focus on detail and genius talent in art and science to the exclusion of other fields suggests that he may have had Aspergers.

So there you go. The story behind The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket is that the world is a brilliant place to live, love, laugh and explore and one key to experiencing all of that is to open our eyes and hearts to see and embrace the variety of characters that are presented to us every day. Absent minded geniuses, bookworms, dreamers, eccentrics, overly emotionals, attention deficits. We all contribute in our own way and we all challenge the definition of normalcy. Isn’t that absolutely brilliant?

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