Henry L Walton is author of the humorous steampunk book series, The Journals of Thaddeaus Shockpocket. Henry was born in Seattle shortly after his parents moved to the United States from England and he believes that a childhood immersed in both English and Amimage2erican humor led to his own unique off- kilter blend of writing.

In 2013, The Journal of Thaddeaus Shockpocket Book One – Albion 77 was published to great reviews and held a top ten ranking on Amazon’s Children’s Steampunk list. Albion 77 has been twice nominated for recognition in the Steampunk Chronicle annual Reader’s Choice Awards. Book Two – Victoria was published in 2015 and continues to chronicle the misadventures of the Shockpocket family.  Henry credits the popularity of the books to all age groups to the combination of absurd humor with the story of unconventional characters that thrive in spite of themselves. 125pm front cover 04272020 photoshop

In 2020, Henry is entering the adult Mystery Suspense Thriller genre with the introduction of Alki Point, the first in his Reed Carver Mystery series. In Alki Point, Reed is drawn into the world of emotional disorders, self-mutilation, incest, illicit pharmaceuticals, psychosurgery, and others’ family secrets that lead to dire consequences.

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  1. I came across this and liked the things you said on your page. I couldn’t find anywhere to comment there though.so this might seem very random. I think we underestimate differences and that’s why problems occur. I look forward to reading your books.


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